What I Do



Heck yes! I offer filmmaking & business consultation! After offering this for a little while I have decided to make it official! Need help with your wedding or promo films? Technical advice? Gear talk? Business help? Website advice? I would love to talk with you!

For however much time you need, together we will take your filmmaking from where you are to where you want to be! We can hang out via Facetime, Skype, coffee meeting, or lunch or dinner or anything really! Starting at ONE hour of hanging out for $150. Then $50 each hour after that!:) (most people like 2hrs for $200)



You’ve read about this by now if you’ve been on my site very long, but filmmaking is my passion! I love being able to tangibly tell stories through the format of video. I make wedding films, non-profit & business promos, commercial productions, and a lot of passion projects! If you have an idea for a film or would like to talk about telling your story then please get in touch with me here: Contact!

My wedding film company can be found here: umcfilms.com.



It’s crazy to look back on how I got started with a Fujifilm point and shoot on a Walter Mitty inspired road trip. That trip forever changed the course of my life and here I am making films still two years later. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and failure in these two years and I feel like it would be selfish if I didn’t share.

If you’re interested in learning more about filmmaking and business, or life in general, go to my YouTube channel here: YOUTUBE!